Thursday, 20 September 2012

How can we integrate web 2.0 into our lessons?

Bearing in mind various classmates´projects in their teaching practice, we were supposed to adapt web 2.0 tools either to "change" future plans or to reflect upon past ones : how we could have done lessons differently keeping students engaged and motivated.

Here is what Marcia and I thought about based on her last teaching practice. Instead of " writing letters"( students exchanged letters from 1 course to another), we adapt it by using LINOIT tool. We believe that it will be even more eye- catching and motivating to students. 
We thought of grouping students in pairs and sent them a link in which they can have access to LINOIT. There, each pair can send and receive letters from each other and at the end of the final project, all students´work will be seen by the class.

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